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Magnetic Strength

Industrial Strength Fridge Magnets.
We only use the best quality magnet, manufactured from the highest quality iron-ore. We pride ourselves on only using the best available. The strength of the magnet is not measured by how thick it feels, and certainly not by how rigid it feels. Fridge magnets are made from flexible magnet, they should be able to bend around a broom handle without cracking.

Cracking when bent (not folded) is an indication of poor quality. It is also likely that poor quality material will stain your customers fridge with brown marks. Cheaper magnets are made from cheap low grade iron ore and sub standard rubber.

There is also a trend at the moment to tell people that (.4) magnet is not a good product. That’s not true. The standard in the industry up until 2008 was (.4) thickness. Then when the economy stumbled - sellers tried to differentiate themselves by being “ better” or “different” to other magnet companies. They did this by telling you that you had to buy (.6) or (.8) thickness, they even made up the mystical (.9) thickness.

Great Quality Strong Magnets for a Good Price
Don't be fooled into spending more than you need to. A thickness of (.4) is great for a fridge magnet. If you have a die cut shape (.6) could be beneficial. But other than that (.4) is fine. Really you only need to use (.6) if the (.4) material offered is low quality.

The Clever standard is (.4) but we also offer (.6) if required. Beware of competitors advertising a 'thicker overall magnet'. They simply use thick paper on a thin magnetic material giving the overall impression that the magnet is thicker.
These magnets are not only weaker, but will curl up on the first hot day and fall off the fridge.