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Business Cards Magnets - they just makes sense

These days being a local printer is not just about printing; it's about being the marketing "go to guy" who can provide expert advice to a local small business, letting them know what's cost effective and what works and what doesn't.

Some local businesses report that nearly half of their sales are for traditional business cards, and upselling stock and finish only goes so far to increase the order value. With 1000 business cards selling for somewhere between $80 and $150, it's hardly enough to excite anyone. The customer with the "same old, same old", and you, putting just $40-60 in your pocket.

Have you considered magnet business cards? There are a lot of legitimate reasons to suggest them to your clients, not just because they make you more money, lol.

Magnetic business cards have a far higher retention with customers, with most being kept longer than their cardboard cousins. For tradesman, they tend to go on the fridge so the number is handy when they need it most. Appliance repair guys love putting them on the washing machines, or dryers they repair, and pest controllers and maintenance guys just want to get on the fridge so they get remembered.

Real Estate agents love magnets, and if they don't have the budget for a DL magnet, maybe a business card magnet would fit in their budget.

And the business card magnet designs aren't limited to the standard old business card, many customers are providing content on the cards to ensure they are held by their customers/farm area. Try adding in some Important Numbers, or some Kitchen Conversion Info. You might be surprised at what you an fit on a card when you try.

So why have your customers waste their $120 on cardboard, when they can spend $300 on a magnet that will last for years. It just makes sense.