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F.A.Q - Fridge Magnets

Are All Fridge Magnets the Same?
No, Not all fridge magnets are the same, There are many different ways to make magnets, each process will give a different result. Of course every company will say that they have the "best" process which produces the "best" magnet. That's not a bad thing, but be careful of people who will change the facts and make you think that you are getting something that you are not. 

All magnets are made up of layers, there is the magnet and then there is either paper or vinyl, the paper may have another layer of laminate or varnish on top of the paper. These are all good magnets. You need to be careful that the quoted thickness of the magnets is the magnet layer only. Some companies will add all the layers together and then measure it and say that it is the thickness. It's not.

The magnet thickness should only measure the magnet layer. The paper layer should be as thin as possible, but thick enough to make the artwork look great, some companies use cardboard to make their magnets look thicker. This is ok if they quote you on the magnet thickness and not the total thickness.

Some magnets are printed and cut at the same time. These are .2 thickness magnet with vinyl on top. They are great if you want a small run in a die cut shape because there is no knife cost. They are good if you don't need the magnets to be around for a long time. Magnet thickness of .2 tends to curl up on the first hot day and fall of the fridge. For this reason we do not use it. Some of the companies that do use it will measure the magnet and the vinyl together and tell you it is .4. When it is really only .2.

We use .4 for standard magnets. We carry .6 and .8. These thicknesses are more expensive. The larger the magnet the less need there is to have .6 or .8. Die cut shapes that are delicate can benefit from thicker magnet. We recommend that if you are comparing prices you find out how they are measuring the magnets and get some samples and compare them yourself. Once you find a supplier that you trust you should stick to them. The old adage of "you get what you pay for" is very true of fridge magnets.

Can you custom make a special shaped magnet for my customer? 
Yes, we can make any size or shape that you require. We have over 380 knives in stock with different sizes and shapes. If we do not have the shape that you require we can still make it for you, however there will be an additional cost involved for the knife. Knife costs start at $250.

What types of magnets are there?
The most common fridge magnet used today uses the digital process. These magnets are full colour and excellent quality. They are for indoor use only. For outdoor use and for vehicles we use and recommend "Premium" brand car magnet material. This material is especially designed to take the harsh condition of the Australian sun without damage to your vehicle. We can print full colour signs or use the vinyl cut process.

Can I use photos?
We can use your photo and make a spectacular product. We can put a photo on Fridge Magnets, Business Cards and many more items.

Why are your prices so competitive? 
We keep our prices low because we import our own raw materials.  Our in house production service helps you save money. We have state of the art production processes and the most up to date technology. We have been around a very long time, since 1994. We are one of the oldest magnet manufacturers in Australia. Because of this we are leading the way in magnet production. We know we are very good because other, newer, magnet companies copy our products and ideas. 

What do your prices include?
Our prices include GST, delivery and emailed proofs.  If there are any additional charges you will be quoted up front before we start printing your job.