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Magnet Margins

As you know, printing has become increasing competitive over the past few years.

Most printers are struggling to make 25-30% margin on most of the day to day printing, so magnets are an attractive option to make some higher profits.

Most of our printer customers are working on around 40% margin on our magnets.

Here are a few examples of what some of our printers are charging and making:

  • 1000 Round Corner Business Card Fridge Magnets. Buy $184. Sell $329. Profit $145 or 44%
  • 1000 A6 Calendars Fridge Magnets. Buy $450. Sell $699, Profit $249 or 35%

And remember, we can send it direct to your client, with no paperwork and in plain packaging, so you just take the order, send it to us, and take the profit. We'll do all the hard work.

We have offer 300 shapes and sizes available, so chances are we have what you are looking for, and if we don't we can get a new knife made for you within a few days.

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