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When To Start Selling Calendar Magnets

Beiing a trade printer, I can tell you we receive most of our orders from small printers in the last month leading up to Christmas, which means printers are leaving heaps of cash on the table.

We produce the bulk of our calendar magnets between Sep and November, and we start as early as August.

The smart  printers are starting to spruik calendar magnets to their clients earlier, increasing the chances of beating other guys to the job.

Calendars are becoming more popular year on year, so the customers are starting to order earlier and earlier to beat their competitors to the letterbox. Take advantage of this by pitching calendars to them each month from August to November.

There are great margins available for calendar magnets, and with the average sale price being over $1000, it's worth looking at.

We have plenty of design examples, so if you have a customer who wants some, just pop an email to us at and we can shoot you through some designs to show your clients.

We also have all the calendar templates and school holiday information available for you, to speed up the design process for you.

And of course, if you need a hand, we can design the whole calendar for you if you prefer.

We also can provide you with an unbranded marketing campaign for you to send to your list, to try and get some calendar sales happening for you.